Mind Your Own Budget:
The Apartment
iPad. C#, Unity.
An iPad game that combines a customizable environment with lessons about financial responsibility.

What I did:
  • Served as lead developer
  • Implemented furniture catalog and arrangement systems
  • Wrote window manager
[App Store]
Me & Energy
PC/Mac. C++, Ogre, JavaScript.
A game that teaches mathematics and science while informing students about oil extraction and usage.

What I did:
  • Planned and implemented core gameplay systems
  • Authored and maintained world editor
  • Maintained Windows and OS X build servers
PC. C++, Ogre, JavaScript, ActionScript.
A Sims-esque school simulation game that encourages high school students to attend college.

What I did:
  • Designed and implemented system for dynamically generating 3D buildings
  • Wrote radiosity solver to generate lightmaps that look great, even on commodity hardware
  • Authored much of the user interface (in Flash/ActionScript and JavaScript)
McLarin's Adventures
PC. C++, Ogre, ActionScript.
A 3D multiplayer game that allows middle school students to explore an uncharted island while learning about math and science.

What I did:
  • Authored world editor
  • Performed graphical optimizations
  • implemented improved terrain system

PC. C++, Max/MSP.
Control software and music visualizer for a 4x4x4 LED cube.

[C++ Source] [Max/MSP patch]

Hex Color Viewer
A Notepad++ plugin that converts colors to CSS hex codes and back again.

[x86 DLL]
[C# Source Code]
Multiplatform. Python, Tk.
An application of genetic algorithms. Uses natural selection to guide a population to have "chromosomes" that resemble an input image.

[Python Source Code]
Music Painter
XBOX 360/PC. C#, XNA.
A toy for Xbox 360 and PC. Draw a picture and hear it transmuted into music.

[C# Source] [Windows Binary] [XBOX 360 Binary]